Halter neck silk satin dress, botanical print dress, asymmetric eucalyptus dress in Mauve Blue, plant dyed dress

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Asymmetrical halter neck dress made of silk satin with eucalyptus leaves, ecologically plant hand-dyed in blue / mauve.

Its beautiful blue / mauve color comes from plant dyeing with mallow flowers.

The dress gets the wow-effect from the natural prints of different eucalyptus leaves through eco printing. It makes the dress unique and gorgeous.

The asymmetrical cut makes the dress sophisticated and gives a glimpse of the leg.
The shiny material silk satin gives the dress a noble accent. It is particularly comfortable to wear.

Silk satin fabric is smooth and has a shiny nature on the top, while the underside is finely ribbed, similar to crepe de chine. Satin silk has a luxurious, elegant glossy look and is extremely comfortable to wear.

This dress is a welcome change in the wardrobe and can combined in different ways to suit any occasion.

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This dress is made of hand dyed silk.
Dyeing with plants is an old craftsmanship. In contrast to chemically dyed fabrics, hand-dyed fabrics are harmonious to each other, complement each other in the most beautiful way and appear vividly. They are ecological and sustainable. They also have a good effect on our mental well-being.

The pattern of the dress comes from natural eucalyptus leaves.
With the eco printing process, the natural imprints and colors from leaves or plants, fruits and flowers are transferred to the fabric via steaming.

This dress is finished inside with French seam.
The French seam or double seam makes the piece of clothing look classy and high-quality - even from the inside.
The fabric layers are sewn twice so that the seams become invisible. In addition, a very permanent connection is created.

This dresshas a hand-stitched rolled hem.
Elegant, very classy but also a very time-consuming variant to line a piece of clothing.
This creates a seamless hem, and the fabrics fall wonderfully.


Silk is a precious natural fiber. Noble, it stands out from other materials, due to its natural shimmer and its color brilliance.
It is particularly comfortable to wear in cold and heat due to its temperature-balancing properties.


    plant hand dyed
    Eco printed with eucalyptus leaves
    halter neck   
    french seam inside
    Asymetrical Hem
    Made of 100% silk satin

Finished garment measurments:

    Chest circumference: ca 92 cm
    Shoulder to Hem (front ): ca 96 cm     
    Schoulder to Hem (longest point) : ca 150 cm


Hand dyed silk with a gentle detergent for silk in lukewarm water without wringing or rubbing.
Then rinse in clear water with a shot of vinegar (I recommend apple vinegar). Iron when damp from the left.

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