Long silk dress, hand-painted with butterflies, women's dress with high leg slits, hand-dyed silk dress

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Hand-painted dress with butterflies made of hand dyed silk crepe de chine in brown-gray with two slits.

This silk dress is accented with double high slits at the front that would reveal some extra but not too much skin.
The crew neckline keeps the dress more conservative but in combination with the V-neckline at the back and the vertical slits, the dress looks very sexy and yet subtle.

The Viennese seams run down from the armhole to hem and create a feminine silhouette. The figure-flattering cut hugs the feminine curves nicely.

The hand-painted butterflies look just beautiful on this dress. The delicately shimmering wings are a filigree detail and give the dress that certain something.

I love to use crepe de chine silk, the queen of silk perfect for this dress. It has a delicately shimmering surface, is flowing and very comfortable to wear.

This dress is perfect for a festive occasion. It can also be worn wonderfully in everyday life.

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This dress is made of hand dyed silk. Dyeing with plants is an traditional craftsmanship.
In contrast to chemically dyed fabrics, hand-dyed fabrics are harmonious to each other, complement each other in the most beautiful way and appear vividly.
They are ecological and sustainable. They also have a good effect on our wellbeing.

This dress is finished inside with French seam.
The French seam or double seam makes the piece of clothing look classy and high-quality - even from the inside.
The fabric layers are sewn twice so that the seams become invisible. In addition, a very permanent connection is created.

This dress has a hand-stitched rolled hem.
Elegant, very classy but also a very time-consuming variant to line a piece of clothing.
This creates a seamless hem, and the fabrics fall wonderfully.

This piece of clothing is hand-painted, creating a unique piece of uniqueness.


Silk is a precious natural fiber. Noble, it stands out from other materials, due to its natural shimmer and its color brilliance.
It is particularly comfortable to wear in cold and heat due to its temperature-balancing properties.
This used silk is organically hand-dyed according to traditional methods.
This creates particularly harmonious colors in harmony with nature.


-Hand dyed with oak galls


-Front slits

-French seam inside

-Zipper on the back

-Made of 100% Silk, crèpe de Chine

Finished garment measurments: S/M/L/XL

- Front shoulder to Hem: ca 140cm

- Chest circumference: ca 85cm/ 89cm/ 93cm/ 97cm/

- Waist circumference: ca 101cm/ 105cm/ 109cm/ 113cm


Never soak hand-painted silk, but wash briefly in cold water, then rinse with cold water and roll up in a towel.
Afterwards iron from the left side in a damp state.

If you are unsure about your size and have questions about it - I am happy to help.

The lenght can also be adjusted to your height.

The dress can be dyed in other colors or differently hand painted according to your wishes. I look forward to hearing from you.

The return conditions can be read in the general terms and conditions and the care instructions can be found here

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