What if my size does not match the size chart?

It can happen that your measurements cannot be clearly assigned to a size.

E.g. chest measurement size S, but the hip measurement in size M.

In each article there are measurements of the garment which are important. For example, for an A-line dress, the chest and waist circumference are important. So you can orientate yourself by the given measurements of the finished garment.

If your measurements are between 2 sizes, it is better to take the bigger one.

I am also happy to help in case of uncertainty.

Can I have a piece of clothing individually tailored?

If the garment is sewn exactly according to your measurements, this is no problem. Do not hesitate to contact me.

How much are the shipping costs and with which shipping service will my order be delivered?

All information regarding shipping costs and parcel service can be found here

Can I check the status of my shipment?

After the package is handed over to DHL, you will receive the tracking number by email.

What payment options are available?

For the payment you can choose from the following methods:

Paypal, Bank transfer, Prepayment (By bank transfer), Credit card (you must first choose Paypal at the checkout, then you can select the payment credit card)